CareCare Grip Socks

– renewed non-slip socks


During phases of life when physical resources are weakened, safety issues become important. We all want to remain as independent as possible, change position in bed without assistance and not be found on the floor after a slip or a fall. The grip socks allow you to ‘get a grip’ - while walking, during transfers and while moving in bed.

Such a great grip! I can turn myself in bed and direct my strength in the right direction. My feet don’t slip with these on.
[Onni, 54, after a knee replacement]
Home sweet home. With these magic socks I can take a shower on my own and also roll them over my socks which would otherwise be slippery. I love wearing cozy socks at home!
[Anni, 78, a home help client]
What a blessing. Now the patient can move from the bed to the wheelchair or to the toilet without slipping. I don’t need to support the patient’s feet with my back in a twisted position - and there is no slipping while I help the patient to the toilet.
[Sanni, 41, nurse]

For life and mobility with joy and security - choose CareCare Grip Socks!


Pitosukka S

Grip Sock

Size: S (36-38)
23,00 €
Pitosukka M

Grip Sock

Size: M (39-41)
23,00 €
Pitosukka L

Grip Sock

Size: L (42-44)
23,00 €
Pitosukka XL

Grip Sock

Size: XL (45-47)
23,00 €
pitosukka 2 paria

Grip Sock

Size: XXL (47-50)
23,00 €


Lighter transitions

CareCare Transfer Slide Film

– less friction


When moving in bed is difficult or moving to the wheelchair tough - use the Transfer Slide Film. The slide film removes friction between the body and the bed to all directions in the transfer. Moving becomes lighter when friction decreases, and you gain more movement with less force. The assistant's work becomes easier as well.

Fast rehabilitation shortens hospital stays. When CareCare Transfer Slide Film is used in patient transfers, the patient participates in the transfer with his/her own resources. The transfer is patient-centered and gentle. At CareCare we believe that less power is more insight – and both the carer and the patient exert themselves less with reduced friction.

A cry of happiness! I can handle some of the transfers with just a little help. I'm sure I'll be returning home soon.
[Katri, 64, hip replacement]

CareCare customer promise

CareCare has been inspired by all the feelings and emotions associated with mobilising and transferring people in challenging situations, often after an illness or accident. CareCare products use both sliding motion and grip when it comes to changing the position in bed or starting moving and rehabilitating without the fear of slipping. There are a lot of situations where the products created by CareCare help both the patient and the carer.


CareCare products help you get back to moving around, to succeed, be independent and feel safe while moving and walking on dry or wet floor surfaces.


Uusi kestävämpi ja joustavampi Pitosukka + uusi XXL-koko!


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Pitosukat kotihoidossa


Iäkäs äitini oli lonkkaproteesileikkauksessa monen vuoden kipujen ja vaikean...

Monipuolinen jarrusukka

Monipuoliset, verkkomaiset jarrusukat sairaalakäytössä


CareCare IGS-Pitosukat, uudenlaiset kotimaiset jarrusukat ovat oiva apu...

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There are more and more possibilities to use the grip socks (mesh tube) and the slide films. Share your insights with us.
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