What is a CareCare product?

A product near the patient transfer situation, which enables the patient to participate in the transfer and facilitate the nurse's work.

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How is the product used?

A sufficient amount of the slide film is dispensed from the rolling rack at the end of the patient’s bed. The patient-specific short life cycle transfer aid is stored in a Daily Store bag, which is attached to the bed.

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Why choose a CareCare product?

When hygiene, the rehabilitation of the person being assisted and retaining the assistant’s capabilities, as well as ecological values, are important to you, you use CareCare products.

Lighter movement; compairing draw-sheet and ISF -Instant Slide Film

Where can CareCare products be found?

Ask for more information: sales@carecare.fi

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Takes care of the patient and the nurse

People behind the product

Anneli Muona

Chief Executive Director

Telephone: +358 50 524 7559
Email: anneli.muona@carecare.fi

Aino Lampio

Product Development

Telephone: +358 50 449 7585
Email: aino.lampio@carecare.fi

The idea for facilitating care work arose from practical experience

For the last 30 years, the emphasis in nurses’ patient transfer training has been on working ergonomically. One of the obstacles on the way to better ergonomics in facilitative work is the underuse of aid equipment.

Aid equipment intended for patient transfers is usually not located close to the patients and has to be collected from storage premises. Because care work is often carried out in a hurry, aid equipment is not collected, even though the benefits of its use have been indisputably proven.





Come and meet us at the NES2016 Conference in Kuopio 14th-17th August 2016!

The 48th annual conference of the Nordic Ergonomics Association shall be held next August in Kuopio. The conference shall convene Nordic and international researchers, developers and operators, who work in the ergonomics and occupational health care sector. The aim of the conference is to present the latest research findings, as well as promote cooperation, the exchange of experiences and networking with stakeholders. A good opportunity to hear about Nordic ergonomics projects. http://www.uef.fi/nes2016