CareCare IGS Instant Grip Sock

Better grip

CareCare IGS Instant Grip Sock is for personal use in different care environments. They minimize the risk of slipping while walking on floors and wet surfaces and ease changing position in bed. The reliable grip lowers the threshold to move and speeds up rehabilitation.

The Grip Sock is an easy-to-use, hygienic, breathable personal aid to avoid slipping. The socks are suitable for use both day and night. They can be used while walking on floors and wet surfaces, and in bed they enable the patient to change position and take part in care procedures. The socks have a great fit both on bare feet as well as over other socks. The socks are put on and removed by rolling.

The latex-free Grip Socks are manufactured in five different sizes that have different recognisable colours. The Grip Socks have been designed to ensure environmentally friendly care and the socks can be recycled by burning into energy.


CE Marking

Medical device,
product group 1.

Manufacturing location

Utilized by burning to produce energy


The use of the CareCare IGS Instant Grip Socks product requires familiarising in the user instructions.


Pat.Pend FI 2170663,
FI UM11688

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