CareCare ISF - Instant Slide Film

CareCare ISF - Instant Slide Film

The versatile CareCare ISF Instant Slide Film cost-effectively solves various patient transfers and aiding transfer with one single product. The unlimited sliding direction enables parallel and vertical, as well as rotational transfers: From a supine position to a sitting position, from the edge of the bed to a supine position, from a bed to a wash trolley, etc. transfer aids. The product facilitates the independent movement of extremities of a patient after hip and knee surgeries, and thus, speeds up recovery.

The CareCare ISF is a functional slide film that is formed of two layer films, which is immediately ready-to-use. The film that unrolls from the roll with the sliding surfaces against each other is cut with the cutter, which is integrated to the rolling rack, to an optimal length for different transfer situations. The patient-specific product’s sliding feature can withstand 15-20 uses. The film is stored for the period of use at the end of the bed, in a CareCare 24 Daily Store bag, which is fixed in place with adhesive stickers.


Film roll width 380 mm, 35m of double layer film on the roll
CE Marking

Medical device, product group 1.

The use of the CareCare ISF product requires familiarising in the user instructions and guidance videos.
Utilized by burning to produce energy
Manufacturing location

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