CareCare RR – Rolling Rack for Transfer Aid

CareCare RR - Rolling Rack for Transfer Aid

Dispensing the transfer slide film from the CareCare Rolling Rack is quick and convenient. The portable, light RR Rolling Rack, which is placed at the end of the bed is close to transfers taking place in the bed or from the bed. The Rolling Rack has a cutter, which the nurse can use to cut exactly the right length of the transfer slide film. The Rolling Rack also has places for the storage of CareCare 24 Daily Store bags and CareCare TSM Transfer Slide Mitts. The CareCare RR Rolling Rack and its cutters has been processed with a hygiene additive (Ag+) during production, and has been designed to serve for years. Each Rolling Rack also has a spare cutter. At the end of its life cycle, the product is disposed of according to instructions.



490 x 140 x 150 mm
CE Marking

Medical device, product group 1.

Manufacturing location
The use of the CareCare RR product requires familiarising in the user instructions and guidance videos.
Pat.Pend PC2150481, FIU2150482

The polymeric materials of the Rolling Rack enable recycling, but due to hygienic reasons, we recommend burning it as hospital waste into energy.

The Rolling Rack’s cutter is disposed of together with syringes and other sharp objects.

The bag holders are recycled as metal waste.

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