CareCare Grip Sock

The grip sock is an easy-to-use personal assistive device against slipping.

CareCare Instant Slide Film

The versatile ready-to-use CareCare Instant Slide Film provides cost-effective solution for a variety of patient transfers with one product.

CareCare transfer slide film

Close to the patient and easy to use, one sided rolled transfer slide film. At its best for example in transfers from and to the wheelchair.

CareCare Transfer Mitt

CareCare Transfer Mitt is used to improve the patient's position and to assist the use of transfer slide film.

CareCare Rolling Rack

Taking transfer slide film from the CareCare Rolling Rack is quick and convenient.
The patient was able to lift his hip. The grip sock helped in changing the position in bed, both upwards and sideways.
[Care assistant, 27 yrs.]
Wow, the leg stayed in place so well. Needed only little support, really handy.
[Physiotherapist, 34 yrs.]
It works well in the transfer. The heavy patient really “slid” to the shower trolley with the CareCare slide film.
[Nurse, 52 yrs.]

Lighter transitions

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